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Titty Titty Bang Bang is the first death segment of season three. It is ranked #948.

The death[]

Being in a dead-end temp job, Connie dreams of becoming a stripper, but she thinks her breasts are too small, so she goes to a plastic surgeon. Having been paid in cash, the surgeon decides to go through with the operation. Two weeks later, Connie goes on a plane, with massive breasts, catching the eye of almost every male on the plane. However, when the plane takes off, Connie's chest begins to feel strange. This is because the surgeon used sub-standard breast implants - apparently they were barely better than water balloons - that weren't used to the change of atmosphere. Soon enough, Connie's breasts expanded to cartoonishly huge proportions.


The title is a pun on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a popular song, and is a reference to the womans breasts exploding.


  • The woman's nipples are clearly visible through her top.
  • When passengers called Connie a terrorist, she told them the "bomb" is just her boobs.