1000 Ways to Die Wiki

Peter was a teenage man who was seen in Peter Pork-Her. He invited his girfriend, Briana and unpacks her groceries. Peter was a dirty dog cheater as he invited other girlfriends, but after 12 hours, Peter died of a heart attack. His death was in his early in the day when he was picking the bananas, Peter yelled in pain. The pain he felt came from a nasty little creature called the wandering spider. It got into the bananas when it was shipped to the United States. The toxic of the spider which has the venom which bit Peter the venom spread really fast. As a result, the venom was able to spread everywhere and got to his heart and shuts down his body. The wandering spider gives a gift to the dirty dog cheater.

Pete was a cheat, who thought he was neat to bang 3 girls in one day. Along came a spider, and while he was insider her, a heart attack blew Peter away.