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Luke and Mickey, a pair of high-school rejected boys, film themselves in a web series (called Suburban Slaughter), which consists of them doing various shootings on people (including a drive-by on an old lady with a purse) with a paintball gun as part of a hare-brained plot to become viral video stars on YouTube. When the gun malfunctions, it shoots the canister of CO2 at 200 mph(or 320 km/h) into Mickey's larynx, which breaks his neck and kills him. Horrified, Luke tries to get help... only for the previous victim to catch up with him and start hitting him with her purse. "Maybe, it was a mechanical failure. Maybe, it was Karma's way to off another juvenile jerk from the planet. One thing is sure: Suburban Slaughter had a great ending." (US Version)

"Maybe, it was a mechanical failure. Maybe, it was Nature's way of removing another idiot from the planet. One thing is for sure: Suburban Slaughter had a surprise ending." (UK Version)

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