1000 Ways to Die Wiki

Date: 560 B.C.

Location: Athens, Greece

Perillos of Athens, a metalworker, is attempting to impress King Phalaris with the unveiling of a new torture device: the brazen bull, which is meant to roast enemies that are placed inside. To test the device, Phalaris locks Perillos in the device and cooks him to death. ....... while most of this story is accuratly portrayed it is false on how Perillos dies. he climbed in on his own accord to show that the howling of a man sounds like a bull screaming. he was locked in and roasted after he climbed in on his own. however Phalaris took him out before he died and then threw Perillos off of a hill killing him. now Phalaris did die being roasted in the bull after being over thrown.... figured the truth was more interesting.

What To Know[]

  • The Brazen Bull Was Used Only In Athens, Greece.
  • In Historical Events, Perillos Was Freed From The Brazen Bull And Was Killed When Pushed In A Hilltop.
  • King Phalaris Was Killed In The Brazen Bull Once They Freed Perillos.