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Blades of GoryBlend DeadBlown Job (Season 1)
Blown Job (Season 2)Boris BititoffBot-ily Harm
Brain WormsByford DolphinCandiru
Car JackedChippin' DaleChucked Up
Coming and GoingConstriction AccidentCream-ated
Cult-evadedD.U DieDead Eye
Dead and DeaderDeath from laughterDie-Drant
Double O SeveredDumbrellaFang Banged
Fat-alityFlash pulmonary edemaFrost-Dead
Fur BurgerGasketballedGooed riddance
Habeas CorpseHard Lives, Easy DeathsHats all folks!
HyperthermiaInqisi-TornJaw Boned
Jerome, ArizonaKilldoLand mine
Lawn of the DeadLesbocutionLife Will Kill You
List of 1000 Ways to Die episodesLittle Person, Big DeathLove Bugged
Mary-natedMe So HornetMercury in Uranus
Miss-Ur-HeadMy Big Fat Greek DeathMyth-busted
Naperville, IllinoisNite CappedNun-fu**ed
OMG! SUV! RIPOdds Are Your DeadPeter
Phone BonedPopielR.I.P.-ped
Re-coiledRed,white and blewRub-A-Dubbed-Out
Russian RouletteSamu-FrySeason 1
Semi-CideSix Feet PlunderSpike
Titty Titty Bang BangTone-deathTongue Died
Tube SnakedTumble DieUnforced Errors
Wel-DeadYou're So Vein
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