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Fat-ality is the first death featured in the third season episode, "Putting A Smiley Face on Death", which aired on September 14, 2010. It is way to die #400.

How it Happened...[]

An overweight slacker named Dave dreams of becoming a professor bodybuilder, but is too lazy to exercise and lose weight. Dave decides to get a liposuction as a shortcut, but cannot afford the real thing, so he calls up his equally dumb friend Johnny to perform a D.I.Y. liposuction. Using freeze spray and painkillers for anesthesia and a garage vacuum for the cannula, Dave is ready. Dave's plan fails as Johnny unknowingly latches onto a piece of Dave's intestines and begins to suck the intestine up through the hose. By the time he shuts the vacuum off, he has sucked up enough of the intestines, causing blood loss, shock and death.