Obi-Wan Finale - The Loop


In 5 May 2009, In Ojai, CA. Deniece hasn't seen her best friend Charline in a long time and decides to spent some time with her. Since Deniece is interested in Horses they went to a Barn. While inspecting Horses, she tells Charline that she's done with her Boyfriend Rob. His penis was too small. So Deniece asks Charline if she knows someone with something big. She comes up with the idea of doing it with a Stallion. At first she refuses to do it, but eventually she tries it out. After seconds of the Horse riding her she falls dead on the floor. Because the Horse's ***** is 60 centimeters long, it kept damaging the Uterus, which is well supplied with blood, and she falls dead to the floor.

Screenshot 2020-08-28-18-46-06.png
Deniece's Demise.


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