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May 15, 1993


Milhouse High, Glendale, CA  there isn't a Millhouse High in Glendale to my knowledge and I grew up in Glendale.

What Happened[]

Mr. Jakowlski, a gym teacher, tries to teach his class of unenthusiastic teenagers how to throw a javelin. After several feeble throws from the class, Mr. Jakowlski makes an impressive throw. Upon going to retrieve it, he turns around while running to lecture the class. But when he turns back around, the javelin is impaled through his eye, and into his brain.


  • This death is ranked #197.
  • Dr. S. Thomas Carmichael (Neurologist) was the only person to talk about the death in this segmant.
  • One of the class took out a camera phone in order to take a picture of Mr. Jakowlski, but camera phones hadn't been invented in 1993.

    The Aftermath of the Death

  • A Picture Was Found On The Internet Where Mr. Jakowlski Was Still Alive