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Bot-ily Harm.jpg


July 25, 2002


Austin, TX

What Happened[]

Alex spent his time at home creating robots and breaking things, when he could have gone to any top college in the country. He constantly tortured his parents by wrecking the house. He decided to put the micro-processor of a vaccuum robot and motion detectors into his machine in order to make it even more dangerous. He tested its destructive power by making it destroy another one of his robots, which was destroyed in seconds. He put the robot to sleep in order to fix up the other for another round. When he dropped a screw, the robot which was thought to be asleep turned itself on, and when Alex bent down to pick it up, it ripped apart his hand, and then his foot. Alex fell to the floor, and the robot lacerated his stomach.


  • This death is ranked #723.
  • Tim Lewis (Robotics Expert) and Dr. Boyd Flinders (Surgeon) talk about the death in this segmant.